Mobile Pay Per Call Campiagns

More and more people are turning to their mobile devices as a beacon of light. All the information they want is at their fingertips and so should your marketing.

Pay Per Call Leads and Mobile Pay Per Call Marketing are a match made in heaven. People are on their handheld devices looking for the products you are offering. These are still people who research a product on their desktop, but when people are looking to buy a product, they very often turn to their phones. Get your marketing phone number in front of them and you will make more money.

According to the latest surveys, 80% of adults in the US have mobile phones. More important to your wallet, 62% of adults ages 25-34 have smart phones. This demographic is your bread and butter. By targeting your ads to this demographic, you can be assured that your marketing will pay off. One last statistic that you will love is that currently, 20% of all internet searches are done on mobile devices. This means your clients are just one click away from calling your number.

In order for you to have a successful Pay Per Call Marketing campaign, you have to get your phone number on as many mobile phone screens as possible. If you run your own websites, make sure your site is viewable on every mobile operating system available. While iPhones are currently the one of the most popular mobile devices, you must make sure that your site looks good on Android, Windows and Blackberry. Test your site on as many devices as you possibly can. You may also want to make sure your site is geared to the interest of the people most likely to call your number. If you concentrate on adwords, then make sure your ads are using good keywords so they will be seen by as many people as possible.

The placement of your phone number on your site is also very important. It does you no good to get people to visit your site if they can’t see your number or leave before they call. For a few hints on how to design your site, check out our previous article on how you can modify your site to get the highest conversion rate possible.

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