How to make money with blog marketing

Blogging is something anyone can do, which means you may have a lot of competition getting your blog on top.

Whether you are trying to get a blog started for your business or trying to make a business out of blogging, there are a few techniques you need to know to get started. They will help grow your blog and increase your following. The right blog marketing for a business can help increase profits significantly, and those looking to make it a business will be able to bring in more income.

Steps to getting your blog on top

  1. Frequency: blogging more often encourages people to constantly check the blog instead of only checking once in a while when a new post has come. It also shows your dedication to the blog. At the very least, post once a day, but multiple times a day is best.
  2. Linking: According to Business2Community, you should make sure there are only a few links that take you off the site. Most links in the blog should be internal, so you are encouraging more reading within the blog
  3. Social media connection: You want to allow your readers to share and like your posts by adding social media links to the bottom of every post
  4. Focus: Focus your blog on one topic. Too many topics can confuse your writers that just want to read about one thing. It can get messy really fast. Keep it simple.
  5. Spelling and grammar: If you don’t put time into the English aspect of things, you won’t have a chance. People won’t be able to get past the bad grammar and spelling. They will only be able to criticize and move on. That’s not usually the point.

A win-win for all with pay-per-call

If you are a blogger looking to make extra cash on your blog, one great way to do that is through pay-per-call marketing. You will get paid for every person that calls the number on the ad. And it’s not just a penny here and a penny there. It is over $10 for each one! It is a great way to bring in cash when you have people reading your blog.

Businesses that either don’t want to manage a blog or would like more coverage will win with this too. Sure you have to pay a little bit, but you only pay when you get a real, quality lead on the phone. That’s a pretty good way to spend your marketing dollars. Let someone else do all the work and only pay for the new customers you get.



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