Optimize SEO with website development for best conversion rates

SEO can do a lot of things. It can contribute to your Google search ranking by improving how the algorithm rates you.

It can drive traffic to your site when people share and re-share the articles. It can inform consumers’ optimizare-seopurchasing decisions. It gives you content to post to your social media sites. Consistent, high quality content will also win you loyal followers who check back to read more. However, it should not be considered a solution to all your sales problems. An effective marketing strategy employs both SEO and online marketing techniques. In reality, it does the best at generating leads and will require further incentive and influence from other marketing factors to encourage repeat purchases.

Success is based on conversions

Search Engine Watch is a website that tracks trends in SEO, analytics, social media, and mobile technology. Site contributor Jay Taylor said, “SEO success is ultimately determined by conversions, and the foundation of a conversion is a great website that is professionally designed to engage visitors and convert them into a lead or sale.” Thus, leaning too heavily on SEO will not garner you the results you’re after. You need a combination of approaches in order to convince customers to consider your website worthwhile.

Retain customers with good website development

The best SEO might attract traffic initially, but your website needs to be user-friendly with intuitive navigation, attractive layouts, and a simple checkout process. Taylor explained, “Many businesses invest heavily in SEO, but fail to invest in their website, without realizing how much more effective their SEO efforts for new customer acquisition would be if they did.”

Incentivize and communicate after initial purchase

Once you have good SEO and an effective website, however, you’re still not done. These two things alone won’t keep your customers converted. You need to maintain that connection with them in order to retain their loyalty and inspire them to return and make more purchases. The value of a customer’s initial purchase should not be the only factor when considering how to make conversions. Marketers should also take into account the likelihood of their customer demographic making repeat purchases over the course of their lifetime.

For instance, a one-time customer who buys a $200 product is worth just that. But a repeat customer who can be enticed to make the same or similar purchases over time will be worth the sum total of their expenditures. If they bought that product every month for a year, their total value would be $2,400, rather than just $200.

Source: Search Engine Watch

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