Pair content with distribution for best marketing results

We spend a lot of time encouraging the creation of quality content, but that’s not all that’s required to produce results.

You could write the most beautiful articles on the most perfectly laid out blog in the world, but if no one sees it, your time and money has been wasted. Thus, a critical component to effectively utilize content is distribution.

Currently, a top means of distribution is social media, which LinkedIn contributor and CEO of Influence & Co., John Hall said 87 percent of marketers use. However, he cautioned, “this has proven ineffective as it’s getting harder and harder to gain attention on social channels.” People tend to be more interested in pictures of their friend’s newest baby than your advertisement, after all.


Social media isn’t the only distribution platform, though. There’s also other venues where people go just for articles and information. One such is Taboola, a site that recommends articles from such popular publications as USA Today, the New York Times, and the Huffington Post. Taboola has an enormous readership of 300 million monthly visitors, providing each one with a unique, personalized experience. They take into account readers’ past content consumption, trending stories, and user engagement.


Another platform is Outbrain which allows users to discover videos and articles “From around the Web.” Hall said they provide “the right content to the right audience and then optimize its content engagement to increase the circulation and duration of a story.”


This company came up with “News Bullets” which is how they organize their brand content. Rather than advertisements, the brand information is formatted to look like newsworthy blurbs. These bullets are shared with online publishers including Yahoo, Hearst, Fox News, and social media. Companies get analytics about how their ads perform, including statistics on cost per action, click-through rates, and cost per click.


OneSpot takes a different approach, making ads out of blogs, infographics, press releases, and Twitter updates. Its platform funnels customers through its brands using a content sequencing engine. It creates a very interactive environment which helps maximize sale leads by delivering them with all the information they need to make a purchasing decision.

Source: LinkedIn

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