Pay Per Call Marketing and Call Whisper: A Match Made in Heaven

One of the biggest innovations in the Pay Per Call Market industry is the Call Whisper. Before the Call Whisper, Small Business Owners never knew before hand when a call was from a Pay Per Call Campaign or other marketing efforts. They would have to check their PPCM provider at the end of the day to see how many calls came in through the campaign. What is a “Call Whisper?” It is a short message that plays at the beginning of the call that lets you know what campaign the call is coming from.

Why is a “Call Whisper” so important? It allows Small Business Owners the opportunity to tailor their sales pitch to match the campaign. When answering a regular call with a Whisper, the SBO already knows the person on the line is interested in getting a quote, so they can move into sales mode much faster. If the SBO is running multiple campaigns, they know right away what campaign the call is coming from. For instance, if a SBO has two insurance campaigns, one for SR22 and one for clean driving records, they will know as soon as they pick up the phone what type of driver is on the line. They can tailor their pitch for the type of caller on the line.

Call Whispers also helps with keeping track of the quality of leads. it is easier to note bad leads when you know before hand that a call was from a campaign. In the past, SBO would have to remember or manually track calls so they can requests credits at the end of the day. With Call Whispers, a SBO can request a credit as soon as the call ends, not only saving SBO time, but also money. No more missing bad leads!

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