More people using mobile ads: target advertising

If you knew exactly how to perfectly advertise to each person in the world, you could be making a lot of money.

Every person would get hooked by your individual advertising methods, leading to a lot of business. For a long time, this idea seemed impossible, but with new technology coming out every day, it seems closer than ever.

Ways to track your preferences

You may think you are safe if you have anti-virus software that blocks cookies. Maybe you do everything you can to keep your accounts private, so nobody in the public can access them. Unfortunately, if you use the internet, you are not doing enough. According to the New York Times, most websites don’t even use cookies to track your preferences anymore. Instead, they use your social media profiles to determine your tastes. Everything you are doing on the internet is being tracked. There is no such thing as privacy anymore, and they don’t even need tracking cookies to do it. Most companies no longer use cookies because they aren’t available on phones, and cell phone advertising has become a much bigger market recently.

Mobile advertisements

For the first half of 2013, Mobile ads are up 145 percent compared to one year ago, according to Forbes. It seems companies have finally found the motherload for advertising, a market that was largely untapped before now. Because the second half of the year usually does better than the first half of the year, that number is expected to explode even further once the stats come in early in 2014. The reason why mobile advertising works so well is because customers will then make decisions on where to go to dinner or shopping based on their location. Ads targeted towards a person’s location on their phone are extremely valuable.

Making money doing it

This is a good way for you to start advertising if you are trying to make money. If you sign up for pay per call, you can make $14 a person every time someone calls the number on your ad. Where and how you position these ads are up to you. Write a blog post about it or put it on the side of your website. You may want to start with mobile advertising since it is so important to success right now. If you can just get started, your advertising may pay off really soon.


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