Phone calls: the new marketing currency

The success of any business depends on its ability to gain new customers. There are many different ways to go about this. Mobile technology has changed the marketing game. Today, mobile is the single most important way for businesses to find customers. That’s because nearly everyone has a mobile device, and nearly everyone is using them so search for local businesses every day.

In the past, the currency of mobile marketing has been clicks. It’s the way that marketers track which marketing efforts are working and which ones aren’t. It’s the measurement marketers use when paying affiliates for generating leads. Today however, there is a new currency is mobile marketing: phone calls.

The value of phone leads

There’s a good reason that phone calls are becoming the new currency for mobile marketing. They’re more valuable. While a person who clicks on a link may or may not actually convert, a person who makes a phone call to get information is much more likely to. Phone leads are more valuable to business owners because it demonstrates that a consumer is interested in that business and has already taken action to find out more about that business. Phone calls are more telling and more promising than clicks because they require more effort on the part of the consumers. They differentiate between the more promising leads and the less promising ones.

Business owners know that phone leads are more valuable, and the amount they’re willing to pay for those leads reflects that.

Advances in the pay-per-call industry

As phone leads continue to replace clicks in the mobile marketing industry, pay-per-call technology continues to advance. Phone leads are rapidly replacing clicks as the currency of choice. As demand for call leads increase, so does the supply. There are exciting new ways for merchants to get phone leads.

Pay-per-call has always presented some unique challenges to business owners. Businesses were paying for leads that were generated outside their area or for leads that were less likely to result in conversions. Advances in the pay-per-call industry have made it easier for merchants to limit the leads they’re paying for by geographic location. Business owners can be sure that they’re paying for leads that have the best chance of becoming customers. Phone leads have the best chance of translating to purchases and—more importantly—loyal customers that will continue to drive profitable sales in the future.

Business owners that are already paying for clicks would be wise to begin paying for calls.

Source: Digital Journal

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