The power of Google Plus on your page rankings

Have you noticed a slight drop in your analytics numbers lately?

Are there, for some unknown reason, fewer people coming to your site? Well maybe it is because you don’t have a Google Plus account. Now that Google has added all Google Plus accounts into the search algorithm, you will need to get on. In fact, you may be surprised at how the numbers jump.

Five reasons to use Google Plus

Google Plus may seem like just another social media platform to get involved with or an extra annoying Facebook knockoff, but the truth is that it is necessary for all businesses trying to market themselves. According to Business2Community, there are five reasons why you should use Google Plus.

  1. Search: Google+ is now integrated with the search results making it a lot easier for account holders to get on top and those who aren’t account holders to miss out. You need to post blogs on a regular basis and tie it in with your Google plus account to improve your rankings.
  2. Google Authorship: If you are looking to make your author look more credible to readers, you can get them authorship. All you have to do is request authorship status after you have established yourself visually. This helps boost the people who come to your page significantly.
  3. Right Hand Space: Have you ever noticed that when you search a company, a small bio will show up on the right in Google showing their location? This is only possible when signed up for Google+, though it mostly benefits companies with storefronts.
  4. Sign in with Google Plus: Instead of making your customers sign up with an account on your site, you can just let them sign up with Google Plus. It is significantly easier for them, and makes it much more likely they will agree to signing up. It also allows for a sort of trust between you and the customer.
  5. Google+ Ripples: As a sort of analytics tool, you can use Google+ Ripples to analyze who has been viewing your content and arriving at your page. This will help you determine whether or not you are targeting the right audience and if your marketing is working.

All in all – Get Google+

The moral is that you need to get Google Plus if you are going to be successful in your marketing strategies. Though not everything is determined by Google Plus rankings, but it does make a huge difference. Just try signing up, and you’ll see how the numbers are impacted.



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