The power of Pinterest advertising

You may be thinking to yourself that you either don’t know what Pinterest is or don’t understand how it could be used for advertising.

This social media site quickly went from barely noticeable to just as popular as Facebook for most women and many men. There are now over 70 million people using Pinterest, so it must be a good place to advertise, right?

What is Pinterest?

Before you dive into Pinterest advertising, you need to understand what exactly the point of the social media site is. Have you ever been online and found a recipe and just wanted to save it for later? Rather than printing it out right now, you just want to save it. Well, Pinterest provides you with one place to put everything you want to save on the internet, whether it be recipes, hairstyles, art, places to visit, or anything else. As long as there is an image to “pin,” you can put it on one of your boards. When you click on the image, it takes you straight to the site where it came from.

How can I advertise images?

There area  few ways to advertise with Pinterest. According to Marketing Pilgrim, you need to open an account for your business and start posting original content. Maybe you are posting pictures of the food you sell or of the jobs you have done. Either way, it needs to link to some sort of how-to guide, a product you are selling, or something else of value to the customer. Post it to Pinterest, and let it go wild. Another way you can use Pinterest is to use other things on Pinterest to write a blog post. Maybe you are writing about how you completed the project or about the 10 best hair tricks on Pinterest. Whether you are using Pinterest for your own blog posts or posting your own, original content, it will help you get more customers.

The number is what matters

There are over 70 million users on Pinterest, according to Fourth Source, making it a perfect place to go if you are trying to showcase your products and services. It is easy for people to skim through pins to find what they want because of the pictures. There is plenty of room to grow for marketing on Pinterest since only 25% of Global 100 companies use it for advertising currently. If you get in early, you will have a huge advantage over all competitors. Or maybe you could just try pay-per call. The people you pay to advertise your business are probably already using Pinterest.


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