The power of a well-placed infographic

These days, people share just about anything online, from pictures of their dog in sunglasses to links to interesting blog articles, to information about your business.

Now, when they share that information they likely aren’t thinking, “I’d like to give this brand some free advertising. How about I share this web page to generate more traffic for them.” People share links and pictures on their social media sites because they believe there is value to be found in them.

A troubling trend

Infographics are a highly shareable type of content marketing. They summarize text in an easily-readable format, combining images with captions, statistics, or short definitions. However, Randy Krum, founder and president of InfoNewt, has noticed a troubling trend in how businesses utilize infographics.

Krum said, “I’ve seen a number of infographics being published by companies that require the reader to enter their name, email address, and other contact information before they can even view the design. This ‘registration wall’ is a way for marketers to gather contact information . . . [and] In my opinion . . . just doesn’t make any sense.”

The registration wall

No, Krum doesn’t object to marketers gathering contact information from visitors to their site. That’s how they can send follow-up emails and keep potential customers in the loop. But first of all, if someone wants to share that infographic image, they can do so once they’ve passed the registration page and you’ll receive no more email addresses because people can view it for free.

Also, according to a research study commissioned by Janrain, “86 percent of people may leave a website when asked to create an account. Most of the audience will just leave instead of going through with the registration process to gain access to the infographic.” Any effort you put into creating an publishing that infographic is then wasted.

A better idea

Here’s a better idea: Put your mind-bendingly interesting infographic on an easily accessible, well laid out landing page. People will share it and you’ll gather interest and credibility. Then on the same page or one linked to it, provide an opportunity for those interested in finding out more to register. You’ll get the exposure you’re looking for plus only get the contact information from seriously interested customers.

Source: Huffington Post

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