First quarter marketing results: What worked?

As we approach the middle of April, all the first quarter reports are starting to show up.

graph_growthAnd with all these reports comes the marketing trends for the first quarter of the year. As a marketer, you should look at what is becoming more popular and what is starting to lag behind. Here are a few highlights you should be aware of when it comes to SEO.

Mobile usage

More people are using their phones on a regular basis to search the internet. This means that you need to ensure your website and blog are both mobile friendly. If people don’t like the way things look, they’ll just go to a competitor. The problem with mobile searches is that the bounce rate is higher on them than it is when searching through a computer. Basically, people leave the website a lot faster when on mobile than they would with a computer. Make sure your website is very mobile friendly, so you don’t have any problems with this.

Social media trends

By far, the most referrals for companies came from Facebook at 54%, according to Search Engine Watch. However, Pinterest comes in second with a quarter of the market referrals. Most companies have already started to take advantage of Facebook, but few have realized how big Pinterest can be in bringing in business. If you haven’t already started using Pinterest as part of your marketing, you need to start right away. You’ll be surprised how big things start to get.

Pay Per Click vs Pay Per Call

Being an affiliate to get paid per click can make you a lot of money if you have thousands of people clicking on the add. However, the trends show that pay per click isn’t as effective on smartphones as it is on computers. Since there is a trend of more people searching through their smartphones, you’ll want to switch to Pay Per Call instead. Not only does it pay better for the bloggers, companies only have to pay it if they get people calling in. On a cell phone, it is so easy to just click a phone number and have it dial. Customers who are already searching the web have no problem making a quick call. Make the switch and see how much it benefits you.

Source: Search Engine Watch

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