Questions to test your affiliate marketing campaign

Affiliate marketing programs can be extremely effective when done right. It’s one of the most immediate ways you can gain new customers and boost your sales. Unfortunately, not all affiliate marketing efforts are wildly successful. In fact, some are downright failures. Whether you’re paying affiliates per click or paying per call, it’s crucial that you’re measuring how effective your efforts are so you know where to improve. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to measure the effectiveness of your affiliate marketing campaign:

  1. Which affiliates are driving the most sales? Not all of your affiliates will perform equally. You may find that ten percent of your affiliates are driving 90% of your sales. These are the affiliates you want working for you.
  2. Are your affiliates relying solely on coupon codes to drive sales? While coupon codes aren’t bad in and of themselves, you are getting less of a return on your investment if your affiliates are having to offer coupons in order to drive sales. Ideally, your best affiliates will find other creative ways to send business your way without offering discounts on your products.
  3. Are your affiliates using social media to drive sales? Affiliates that are using every channel available to them are going to produce the best results.
  4. Can you accurately measure which affiliates are driving the most sales. It may be that the affiliates that give you the most leads aren’t actually giving you the best leads. Make sure you can attribute sales to affiliates and pay attention to which affiliates are giving you leads that are the most likely to convert because they’re doing something right.

What’s the diagnosis?

If these questions were easy to answer and you had all of the data to answer these questions quickly then your affiliate marketing campaign is doing well. If you lacked the technical data to answer these questions, then that’s a good sign that it’s time to pay more attention to acquiring data so that you know how you can fine tune your campaign. As you get better at measuring the success of your efforts, you know which affiliates you need to focus on working with. You also save yourself some money by knowing which affiliates you’d be better off without.

Source: Performance In

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