Savvy shoppers looking for deals, sales, and coupons

People are consuming marketing at an incredible rate these days.

They see advertisements on TV, get texts to their phone, messages in their inboxes, drive by them on the streets, and skim over them during online shopping. The question is, do they notice any of these attempts to catch their attention, and if so, is your brand one of the ones they remember?

Effects of the Great Recession

Following the Great Recession, customers started hoarding their cash more carefully and are now always on the hunt for deals and good values. If you can convince a shopper in the few seconds their eyes drift over your ad that you’re offering high quality at value price, you have a good chance of succeeding in winning over their business.

In-store purchasing decisions

The trouble is, according to Louise Marsland, author of The Third Place: Trends in Shopper Marketing, 2013, “Between 68% and 72% of purchasing decisions are made in-store—in the aisle, at the shelf—and research shows that shoppers organize their shopping trips around the type of experiences that they want to have, not only around what they need to do.” So it might not matter how many flyers or emails you’ve sent out, the customer might not even think about your product until she’s in the aisle comparing you to your competitors.

Savvy shopping

However, Primedia Unlimited Mall Devision and GIBS recently published the results of their “Retail Shopportunities” study which found, “Nearly half (45%) of consumers are deal prone or value conscious and respond to promotions spontaneously when they see them.” This means, “Marketers [need] to align their offerings according to shopper segments . . . and to grow sales by reassuring customers that they are savvy shoppers.”

Personalized coupons

Digital marketing is one way of communicating with customers in this way. Handing them easy-to-use coupons, sales, or deals will allow them to feel fiscally responsible when they shop at your store. Whether you do this through email, texts, or snail mail, find ways to personalize the experience, either by customizing their deals based on past purchasing decisions or addressing them by name. Consumers will notice and appreciate the personal touch.

Source: Biz Community

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