SEO needs integration with marketing to be effective

Effective SEO usage isn’t just about using key words you think your audience will search.

It’s all about catering to the Google search algorithm, recognizing sources of traffic, and creating quality content. It’s all a bit overwhelming, especially for small business owners who have a lot of other things on their minds.

Some businesses just give up, assuming they’ll never be able to harness SEO correctly. Others keep doggedly SEO1using the same techniques they’ve used for years, regardless of algorithmic changes or technological development. This last may actually be damaging to the company’s searchability since Google is now getting rid of any link networks they find.

Integrating SEO and marketing

The best way to incorporate SEO into your website is to integrate it with your marketing strategies. Adam Stetzer, SEO expert for Search Engine Watch, said, “Thirty-eight percent of companies who say their SEO is ‘highly effective’ have pulled SEO and social media together.” Though it returns great results, this method isn’t easy, especially compared to the link building strategies of the past.

Brand and audience

In 2014, Stetzer emphasized the importance of combining brand and audience. Search engine rankings are still important, but marketers need to shift their priorities if they want to remain competitive. Stetzer explained, “Today’s top ranking sites have focused on audience optimization, the idea that the attraction of citations, social shares, and backlinks stems from an intimate understanding of what the audience is look for.” This recognition has persuaded 93 percent of marketing strategists to begin or continue using content marketing this year.

Including your brand name with your content marketing is gaining ground as the top way to attract notice and gain ground on the Google algorithm. SEO in isolation is no longer effective. In fact, Google prefers brands to be included with links and content because it’s a sign of legitimacy.

Outsourcing and affiliates

Another important point to consider with SEO is that outsourcing isn’t as effective. These days, consumers like to know they’re dealing with people who really understand the brand. Thus, if companies do outsource they should be sure their contributors are knowledgeable about the brand and its market. That’s why affiliates come in handy. People become affiliates because they’re interested in the brand or think it has value.

Source: Search Engine Watch

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