Small Business Concerns: How Pay Per Call Marketing Can Help Small Businesses



The changes in technology have put a lot of new pressure on Small Business owners. If they try to keep up with all the changes in technology, it can easily become a full time job or become very expensive to hire new people. Pay Per Call Marketing is an easy and inexpensive way to use technology to gain new customers. Getting new customers is one of the biggest concerns of Small Business Owners.

A couple months ago, Constant Contact surveyed small businesses to see how running a small business has changed in the past 5 years. According to the survey, 59% of small businesses owners believe running a business is much harder now than it was five years ago. While the economy has a lot to do with this attitude, many people acknowledged that changing technology has also made it difficult to run a business. This is where Pay Per Call Marketing can help. Trying to learn HTML to build websites, constantly updating blogs, learning ad-word campaigns, etc can become a full time job. So how are small business owners going to use technology to acquire new customers that 75% said was their top concern? Pay Per Call Market is what SBO can use.

Pay Per Call Marketing is the easiest way for small businesses owners to use technology to acquire new business. There is very little technology for SBO to learn and requires little time to run. This allows SBO to use their time to run the business instead of learning new technology or cutting into profits to hire people. In fact, one of the biggest changes SBO have dealt with is the technology they use to acquire new customers.

Running a small business is one of the most time consuming jobs anyone can have. Not very many SBO work 40 hours and go home for the weekend. Most work 60 – 80 hours so anything that can help them save time, is greatly appreciated.

Other points of interest: The rise in social media use has corresponded with the growing importance of word-of-mouth. Social media has become one for the most important avenues of gaining new customers.



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