How to use Snapchat marketing

Snapchat has quickly become the “next big thing” in social media and with cell phones.

As a business, you need to stay on top of these kinds of things and keep up to date with them, so you can take advantage of new marketing techniques. If you don’t know what Snapchat is, you might be wondering how it could possibly help your marketing, and if you do know what Snapchat is, you still might not understand how a business could use it. Here are all the answers to your questions:

What is Snapchat?

More or less, Snapchat is an app you download to your phone and then send instant messages to your friends. The catch? People can only view those messages for seven seconds, or another pre-determined amount of time. If you open a Snapchat at work, and someone demands your attention, you might miss the picture. If you open the Snapchat while people are around and it is intimate, you may have to shut off the phone and lose your quick chance at seeing the message or image. This forces people to prepare for opening the snapchats, according to the Huffington Post. Instead of just opening it like you would any message, you have to wait until you have prepared to open it. This builds up quite a bit of attention and drags a lot of focus to the Snapchat.

How can you use Snapchat for marketing?

Everyone knows a good marketing technique requires you to offer some sort of advertisement tied to emotion. It either needs to be really funny, romantic, sad, or anything else to bring in more customers. With Snapchat, you get the unique opportunity of creating these kinds of feelings in a few seconds. It may be difficult to create something, but if you are effective, you will reach one of the 8 million adults already using Snapchat and bring them in for more business. And, the effectiveness may be stronger than you imagine if that person has already spent most of the day wondering what the Snapchat could be.

Take a chance and win

Reaching your customers has become easier and easier with social media. You need to refocus your efforts to reaching those customers and using the same kind of social apps they use. Your success will be much better if you make those kind of changes. Or, you can let someone else do all the hard work and just pay for leads with pay-per-call systems. It may be much easier to sit back and let someone else do all the work, especially if you only have to pay when you get a real lead.


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