Too much social media marketing?

Social media marketing is one of the biggest tools companies use to get more business, and it works wonders.

You would be surprised to see how many new customers you could get by simply making use of the free social media outlets and communicating with your current and new customers. But have you been using too much social media marketing? At the very least, you might be able to get away with less.

Get grounded

Of course, you can’t start to pull back unless you are first grounded. Social media marketing means first starting with a great place. According to Forbes, you need to work on Facebook. It is the first place people go to look up a company or try and get more information. That means you need to make sure you keep Facebook as the center of all your social media and ensure there is more marketing going on there than anywhere else.

Regular updates

The thing is, most businesses run around trying to do the next best thing with marketing when they still haven’t mastered the current technique. The same applies to social media. Don’t just run open a bunch of social media accounts until you have actually gotten it down with the first one. This means starting with Facebook and making regular posts. Then, you can move on to Twitter and Pinterest. There’s nothing worse than a customer finding your social media page and finding that it hasn’t been updated in a few years. It makes them unsure of whether or not you are still in business and how good your company really is.

Negative comments

Negative comments are par for the course. With social media marketing, you will get a lot of people using Facebook and other online spots to communicate their likes and dislikes for your business. If you get a negative comment, then you don’t want to keep working it out online. Of course, you also want to show the problem has been addressed. Though Forbes recommends contacting the person in a more individual way, you need to show other people on social media that you are working on the problem instead of ignoring it. Start by posting a comment saying you are sorry and offer a customer service number for the person to call and get answers. By doing that, you are showing you care enough to address the problem but you aren’t airing dirty laundry in front of anyone else.

All in all, the real thing you need to do is cool it with the extra comments. Nobody wants to see their news feed spammed up with unnecessary stuff. Limit yourself to fewer posts and make sure they are important.

Source: Forbes

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