Solving 2014’s top digital marketing challenges

If your business does any digital marketing, you know today’s climate is competitive.


People use a number of metaphors and similes to describe how inundated people are with marketing and advertising, but my personal favorite is the image of someone standing beneath a waterfall. Now imagine your brand as a single drop in that waterfall. Here are some reasons why content marketing is just so difficult.

It takes extra staff

As if your staff wasn’t busy enough, now you expect them to take on a whole other job? True digital marketing can’t be done on another employee’s off time. It takes patience, consistency, and dedication before you see any return on your investment. The trade off is to hire someone to do the content and online marketing for you, but then you need to be sure that in addition to paying their salary, you’re still making a profit.

Pawan Deshpande, founder and CEO of Curata, explained, “Readers expect fresh, relevant content every day, but marketing professions are tasked with other responsibilities. With a limited staff, it can be difficult for busiensses to produce enough content to keep up with competitors.”

It takes money

As was stated before, content marketing won’t write itself. So you’ll either spend money hiring someone new, or pay someone else overtime to get it done on top of their other duties. Some types of digital marketing, like pay-per-click advertisements, can be very expensive. And websites require money to keep them maintained.

That’s why some businesses turn to Pay Per Call Market, a company that pairs businesses with affiliates who then carry on a symbiotic relationship with marketing. The affiliate agrees to post an advertisement with contact information on behalf of the company; in exchange, they are paid anytime they generate a qualified lead. It’s a win-win situation because affiliates get paid, and companies get real, interested customers willing to buy their products.

It takes consistency

One problem businesses have is they get really gung-ho with marketing at first, but then when it gets busy, they neglect their content and lose followers. Without consistent, high quality content, visitors will quickly forsake your brand and search elsewhere for up-to-date information. Deshpande wrote, “Publishing new created content daily is enough to burn out your marketing team, as well as a hole in your pocket . . . Without consistent content production, your content can get buried under the thousands of articles written every day, where you readers may never see it.”

Source: Social Media Today

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