Focusing on the feminine important in 2014 marketing strategies

In the early 20th century, mass marketing as we know it today was in its infancy.

Marketing professionals focused on the most affluent and influential demographic of society: white, land-owning, middle-aged men. It was salesforce-driven with appeals to logic and authoritative thinking. Manufacturers wanted to persuade their customers using logos and ethos, leaving out pathos (appeal to emotion) entirely. Continue reading “Focusing on the feminine important in 2014 marketing strategies” »

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Exploring how social marketing techniques will change in 2014

If you’re thinking about revamping the way you approach marketing this year and you haven’t yet established a significant presence on social media, it may be time to do so.

According to Holly Berkley, author of The Social Media Advantage: An Essential handbook for Small Business, this year “the social Web will have more impact than search-engine ranking.” Continue reading “Exploring how social marketing techniques will change in 2014” »

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Measuring the scope of marketing in 2014

IT Marketing World as released the results of its most recent research, the 2014 Digital Technology Marketing Priorities Report.

Over 150 marketing professionals submitted the feedback analyzed in the report so that researchers could determine the current trends, strengths, and weaknesses of digital marketing. Continue reading “Measuring the scope of marketing in 2014” »

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Marketing in the new year: 2014

In just a couple of weeks, we will be in the new year, and that means change is going to come.

Whether you are preparing your company for big changes or having to deal with changes from others, you can expect it. Right now, things are slowing down at most businesses (with the exception of retail), which means you have a chance to sit down and figure out your new marketing strategy for the new year. Here are a few tips for marketing in 2014. Continue reading “Marketing in the new year: 2014” »

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