Learning email marketing tips from the pros

Marketers who send emails are always on the lookout for tips and tricks to make their emails more effective.


I once worked for a small company where the owner himself reviewed and edited every email before it was sent to his customers. Emails are important because they can boost revenue, and may be the mainstay of purely online stores, contribute to branding, and maintain communication with current and past customers, encouraging them to return again. Continue reading “Learning email marketing tips from the pros” »

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5 Things you didn’t know about email marketing

Emailing has begun to go the way of snail mail—with the ubiquity of social media sites and texting, emails begin to feel a little redundant as a form of personal communication.

It’s easier and quicker to text a message to a friend than to email them and wonder when they’ll next be at their computer, and slightly slower but just as common is the option of posting to their Facebook wall or sending them a private message. Continue reading “5 Things you didn’t know about email marketing” »

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How Gmail tabs are affecting email marketing

When Gmail came out with its email tabs in May of last year, marketers everywhere thought they could hear the death knell of email marketing tolling.

If it wasn’t bad enough that many promotional emails get sent to the spam or junk folder, now the ones that GMail-Logoactually got through would be going to the promotions folder, which sounded just as bad. How the tabs work is now when emails arrive, they are automatically sorted into three folders: Primary, Social, and Promotions. The idea is you’ll be able to find the emails you want more easily. It turns out, however, marketers’ fears went unrealized. Continue reading “How Gmail tabs are affecting email marketing” »

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