Producing meaningful advertising for Facebook takes creativity

Marketers seem to have the idea that marketing on Facebook is easy.

Just copy a paragraph out of a promotions email, pair it with a stock image, and presto, you have marketing, right? Maybe that was considered good work in the early days of Facebook, but its platform and users have evolved in the intervening years and these days marketers have to be a bit more creative. Toss out any lingering ideas that Facebook users are going to read long paragraphs or get captured by a generic picture. These days, smart imagery, little text, and daily posting is what’s going to get you more exposure on users’ news feeds. Continue reading “Producing meaningful advertising for Facebook takes creativity” »

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Advertising to Millennials: Your Best Bet

The very first thing a business has to do when it comes to marketing is determine their audience.

Even if you think you appeal to everyone, you have to take into account the fact that the majority of your audience will be a certain “type” of person. For example, if you are selling dog bones, you probably are going to be selling to people who own cats, even if your product is for “everyone.” But what if your target audience is on Facebook? What if you are trying to sell the millennials? Continue reading “Advertising to Millennials: Your Best Bet” »

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