Google or Facebook: The Great Advertising Debate

Marketers with limited budgets want to know: where can we invest a reasonable amount of money with a great ROI. Foremost on digital marketers’ minds is the question of which platform might yield more revenue: Google or Facebook? It’s a tough question to answer as there are many variables, including target audience demographic, budget size, ad quality, ad frequency, and product type. Both services have an enormous user base, but that doesn’t mean they’ll both return on your investment equally.

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The power of Google Plus on your page rankings

Have you noticed a slight drop in your analytics numbers lately?

Are there, for some unknown reason, fewer people coming to your site? Well maybe it is because you don’t have a Google Plus account. Now that Google has added all Google Plus accounts into the search algorithm, you will need to get on. In fact, you may be surprised at how the numbers jump. Continue reading “The power of Google Plus on your page rankings” »

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Change in Google algorithm: you should change too

As the times change, so does technology.

We are getting to a point where everyone has the internet at their fingertips all day long between computers and smartphones. When someone searches Google for something, they expect to find their answer in the first few links online. Google knows this and is always changing the algorithm to avoid manipulation by businesses and to perfect the system, so they can always provide you with the best system. The most recent algorithm change, it seems, has been motivated by Apple. The iPhone and Siri have changed the internet forever. Continue reading “Change in Google algorithm: you should change too” »

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4 Ways To Improve Your SEO and Make More Money With Pay Per Call Leads

Getting traffic to your site and increasing your Pay Per Call income requires more than just creating a website. You need to work hard to insure that search engines such as Google and Bing rank your site higher that they rank other sites. While getting a high ranking is not easy, by following a few rules, you can make sure to increase your rankings.

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Google’s bright idea for pay-per-gaze

If there is one company that knows how to stay ahead of the curve, its Google.

They know that if you want to stay ahead of the game in today’s market, you have to be the first to invent and patent everything. It has worked well for Apple, right? One thing Google has just patented is the new pay-per-gaze advertising concept, which could work very well with Google Glasses. This will mean a lot of money for Google if it works as planned. Continue reading “Google’s bright idea for pay-per-gaze” »

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