Advertising to new customers, despite the shutdown

Times are uncertain, and the threat of default in America makes them even more uncertain.

Every business will be threatened by the lack of negotiation in the government. If the economy does drop significantly as many have promised, it could mean a small business struggles quite a bit to find new customers and sell more product. So, what can you do? Continue reading “Advertising to new customers, despite the shutdown” »

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Government shutdown: prepare with extra income

As we all sit waiting to hear whether or not the government is really going to shut down, it seems like there is no other possibility.

With people on both sides unwilling to negotiate to the detriment of the entire country, the possibility of a drop in the economy seems the most likely option. In the coming weeks, things could get really bad and really scary. What are you doing to prepare financially? And what can you do if you lose your job during the few bad weeks? Continue reading “Government shutdown: prepare with extra income” »

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