Using LinkedIn for content marketing

The original purpose of LinkedIn was to create a professional network to make it easier for you to find a new job.

linkedinThat purpose has since been changed as LinkedIn is trying to be more of another social media outlet. Companies looking to build their reputation online now have to work on posting not only to their blogs and multiple social media accounts. They are now expected to post content on LinkedIn regularly. But LinkedIn has made it a little easier to determine whether or not your content marketing is really working. Continue reading “Using LinkedIn for content marketing” »

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Marketing disruptors to watch for in 2014

In 2014, we can expect advancing technology to have a significant impact on how marketing works, how marketers reach their customers, and how customers view marketing campaigns.

market disruptionHowever, savvy marketing directors will also prepare for the unexpected by keeping their eyes on what refers to as “marketing disruptors.” These include companies that have billions of dollars invested in advertising, and are thus able to innovate more easily, and new companies looking to get attention through ambitious marketing ploys. Continue reading “Marketing disruptors to watch for in 2014” »

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