How To Get New, Loyal Customers

Every business has to spend time thinking about getting new customers. Where would your business be without new customers to replace those who you lose or new ones to expand your business? That is why it is so important for you to know how to gain new customers, and not just how to get them, but how to keep them loyal to your business or brand. Loyal customers will make a huge difference to how well your business does. Here are a few recommendations, thanks to Business News Daily, for getting and keeping your customers. Continue reading “How To Get New, Loyal Customers” »

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How to content market like a Hollywood movie marketing team

Content marketing is everywhere these days, not just on the web.

In fact, we’ve been viewing content marketing for years, we just didn’t know it. Hollywood has produced some of the most successful marketing campaigns in history because they realize what sells: entertainment. People who are entertained hollywoodby advertisements are less likely to ignore them. Notice how television ads aren’t so much about communicating information anymore, they spend at least as much time putting on a show as they do marketing their product. Continue reading “How to content market like a Hollywood movie marketing team” »

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