Making the Most Of Your Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to reach a specific audience and get real results with new customers. That is why most businesses work with them. As your business is looking for new ways to expand, consider focusing on affiliate marketing. Specifically, you should focus on the best ways to make the most of your affiliate marketers. Continue reading “Making the Most Of Your Affiliate Marketers” »

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Facebook Marketers Focusing Their Attention Outside of Social Media

For a long time, Facebook and YouTube have ruled the digital kingdoms of marketing and advertising. With their enormous popularity, they have been easy and obvious venues for companies interested in getting their brands noticed. Experts are now saying, however, that the marketing game is changing again, as it is wont to do. Facebook is cracking down on pages that are “like” and “share” hoarding and companies are finding it’s more effective to point their visitors back to their websites.

Continue reading “Facebook Marketers Focusing Their Attention Outside of Social Media” »

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