The trick to balancing finance and marketing

Savvy marketers know you can’t just create a marketing campaign, set it on repeat, and forget about it.

Marketing needs constant tweaking, which means its budget does, too. Though you should have a set amount of money set aside for marketing, be aware that some months that much will be enough, and other months it will need some supplementing. It all depends on the consumers, the condition of the market, and what your competitors are doing. Continue reading “The trick to balancing finance and marketing” »

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4 steps to managing your marketing strategies

Everyone wants to live by the maxim “work smarter, not harder,” but it seems like there’s no easy way to market a brand in a cost effective and timely manner.

And if you try to do it all yourself, don’t plan on ever getting any rest, because it just isn’t possible. The best way to manage your marketing is by streamlining your process and completing each step in order. The following are 4 steps to taking your marketing from mediocre to mighty. Continue reading “4 steps to managing your marketing strategies” »

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Survey results point to effectiveness of online marketing (Part 1)

Small business owners know what it’s like to live on the edge—they do it every day, especially when their business is first starting out.


They can’t afford to make mistakes, which means every penny spent on employees, products, manufacturing, and marketing must be accounted for. To this end, investing in a data analytics system isn’t a luxury, it’s a requirement. The only way you can make sure every cent is put to its best use is by tailoring their spending according to where the analytics tell them their clientele is coming from. Continue reading “Survey results point to effectiveness of online marketing (Part 1)” »

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Tips for implementing content marketing on any budget

Whether you’re a small business owner or head of a multi-national company, content marketing strategies are the same.

There are certain methods that will yield better results than others and all can be implemented no matter how small your budget is for marketing. All the money in the world can’t make content marketing effective if it isn’t creative, original, and helpful. Continue reading “Tips for implementing content marketing on any budget” »

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