What to Remember During Holiday Marketing

The holidays are nearing an end, which means we’ve seen a lot of great marketing techniques and marketing fails. Holiday marketing can be one of the trickiest things for a business, especially considering the competition gets fierce this time of year. Paypercall marketing is much more effective when you have the right kind of ads. So what things have we learned this year about marketing during the holidays? Here are a few things to remember for the holiday season, thanks to Fox Business.

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How to Make Viral Marketing Campaigns

For most of history, to describe something as “viral” was to call it contagious, toxic, and at all costs to be avoided. While there are still talks of “viral outbreaks” these days, it isn’t always referring to the newest influenza. Sometimes, it’s actually describing the hottest, most popular content on the internet. From the celebrity group photo at the Academy Awards to pictures of Prince George on his first birthday, viral content spreads like wildfire, for good or for evil. If you can create a marketing campaign that goes viral, there are no bounds to the number of customers you might touch.

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Debunking the myth of the “perfect” marketing campaign

Marketing professionals love the idea that someday they’ll come across the perfect campaign or marketing technique that means they’ll never have to work hard again.

The sad truth is, this is never going to happen. There is no easy way out of creating effective marketing strategies because of ever-changing market demographics, technological developments, and changeability of human nature. Continue reading “Debunking the myth of the “perfect” marketing campaign” »

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The trick to balancing finance and marketing

Savvy marketers know you can’t just create a marketing campaign, set it on repeat, and forget about it.

Marketing needs constant tweaking, which means its budget does, too. Though you should have a set amount of money set aside for marketing, be aware that some months that much will be enough, and other months it will need some supplementing. It all depends on the consumers, the condition of the market, and what your competitors are doing. Continue reading “The trick to balancing finance and marketing” »

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Changes to make to your marketing campaign this year

With the New Year just passed, the season for making resolutions is still upon us.

You’ll have made personal resolutions, of course, but what about resolutions for your business? If you want to be as successful as possible this year, setting goals and making changes can only help. Virginia Bridges, a reporter for the Charlotte Observer of North Carolina, did some research and came up with the best marketing advice for small-business owners who want to make a change in 2014. Here are some of the highlights: Continue reading “Changes to make to your marketing campaign this year” »

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Important of a marketing campaign: Stay on top

Every business has to have a marketing campaign if they are going to get new customers and keep the old ones.

You wouldn’t want people just forgetting about you over the years because they had no exposure, and it would be really bad if nobody ever even found your store. If you can’t find a way to get customers in, you might as well shut down. It will never work. As long as you stay on top of the marketing industry, though, you should be able to lead more customers to your website. Continue reading “Important of a marketing campaign: Stay on top” »

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