Understanding what marketing “engagement” really means

Marketing directors are automatically expected to be experts in their field, but there is still a learning curve for everyone. Unlike days of bygone years when technological advancements came slowly and it was possible to be an expert without continuous learning, these days if you don’t read up on what’s new in the field at least once a week, you run the risk of using outdated marketing strategies. Continue reading “Understanding what marketing “engagement” really means” »

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Measuring the success of content marketing

Companies who invest in quality content marketing tend to see their sales go up, but they can’t always pinpoint the cause.

Was it the blog article? The Facebook post? The sales brochure? If you implement multiple marketing campaigns simultaneously, there’s no way to know for sure where the surge in sales came from. This leads to ineffective implementation of further marketing campaigns because you won’t know which outlet people are paying attention to. There’s no sense in updating your sales brochure if customers are more interested in your Facebook page. Thus, as a marketing director you need to analyze your content marketing strategies and determine a way to measure their effectiveness. Continue reading “Measuring the success of content marketing” »

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The task of finding an effective CMO

Chief Marketing Officers, also known as CMOs, have their work cut out for them these days.

VentureBeat, a blog ranked highly by The New York Times for its “unparalleled insight into the most relevant emerging technologies, trends, companies, and the business opportunities that they create,” listed a few of the expected capacities a CMO should be able to fill. Those roles include tech entrepreneur, SEO master, A/B testing expert, and  experienced traffic analyst. The best marketing directors realize that these days, online marketing isn’t just about catching a customer’s eye, it’s about learning their visitors’ habits and preferences and getting “outside the building” to figure out how to give that to them.  Continue reading “The task of finding an effective CMO” »

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