Debunking the myth of the “perfect” marketing campaign

Marketing professionals love the idea that someday they’ll come across the perfect campaign or marketing technique that means they’ll never have to work hard again.

The sad truth is, this is never going to happen. There is no easy way out of creating effective marketing strategies because of ever-changing market demographics, technological developments, and changeability of human nature. Continue reading “Debunking the myth of the “perfect” marketing campaign” »

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Solving 2014’s top digital marketing challenges

If your business does any digital marketing, you know today’s climate is competitive.


People use a number of metaphors and similes to describe how inundated people are with marketing and advertising, but my personal favorite is the image of someone standing beneath a waterfall. Now imagine your brand as a single drop in that waterfall. Here are some reasons why content marketing is just so difficult. Continue reading “Solving 2014’s top digital marketing challenges” »

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