The task of finding an effective CMO

Chief Marketing Officers, also known as CMOs, have their work cut out for them these days.

VentureBeat, a blog ranked highly by The New York Times for its “unparalleled insight into the most relevant emerging technologies, trends, companies, and the business opportunities that they create,” listed a few of the expected capacities a CMO should be able to fill. Those roles include tech entrepreneur, SEO master, A/B testing expert, and  experienced traffic analyst. The best marketing directors realize that these days, online marketing isn’t just about catching a customer’s eye, it’s about learning their visitors’ habits and preferences and getting “outside the building” to figure out how to give that to them.  Continue reading “The task of finding an effective CMO” »

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Important of a marketing campaign: Stay on top

Every business has to have a marketing campaign if they are going to get new customers and keep the old ones.

You wouldn’t want people just forgetting about you over the years because they had no exposure, and it would be really bad if nobody ever even found your store. If you can’t find a way to get customers in, you might as well shut down. It will never work. As long as you stay on top of the marketing industry, though, you should be able to lead more customers to your website. Continue reading “Important of a marketing campaign: Stay on top” »

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Evolution of Marketing Strategy Used in 2013

Companies that spend a lot of time advertising on the web or getting business from their website will tell you that an online presence is key.

With the internet not being nearly as prevalent 20 years ago as it is today, there have obviously been huge changes in the way we advertise. That means you have to use a website if you want customers, and more than that, you need to find ways to get your customers to that site. Continue reading “Evolution of Marketing Strategy Used in 2013” »

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