Debunking the myth of the “perfect” marketing campaign

Marketing professionals love the idea that someday they’ll come across the perfect campaign or marketing technique that means they’ll never have to work hard again.

The sad truth is, this is never going to happen. There is no easy way out of creating effective marketing strategies because of ever-changing market demographics, technological developments, and changeability of human nature. Continue reading “Debunking the myth of the “perfect” marketing campaign” »

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Electronic couponing the next big marketing technique

In the 20th century, if you wanted to get into “couponing” you would sit down at the table with your Sunday paper and spend hours combing through the advertisements, snipping and cutting away at the coupons you wanted to use.

digital-couponsThose who really got into it would have entire portfolios full of coupons categorized by store, item, price, expiration date, etc. Then you’d have to take your coupon stack to the store in order to use them. Continue reading “Electronic couponing the next big marketing technique” »

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Apple’s marketing technique for phones

This year, Black Friday has been a huge mess.

Because of all the scattered sales and confusion of sales starting randomly, customers didn’t shop as much in-store as retailers would have liked. And the discounts were confusing as well. Some stores did price matching, some offered rebates, some just did 15% off. And out of all this, Apple’s marketing technique was just as weird, though it may have been pretty effective for long-term sales at Apple. Continue reading “Apple’s marketing technique for phones” »

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