Marketing on a Budget

It is no secret that marketing can be costly, and businesses are constantly looking for cheap and effective marketing strategies.  Marketing is not something to skimp on if you want it to be effective, but there are many ways to save money while marketing so you have more to spend in different areas or on specific marketing strategies.  It all comes down to how well you do your research.  The better you know your consumers, your location and the market is the easier it will be for you to know which marketing tactics will work best and which ones are not worth your time.  Do not waste money on marketing techniques that will not bring in business just because you are in a hurry.  Take your time when it comes to marketing and make every technique you use bring in business.

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Marketing Strategies that Always Work

Perhaps one of the scariest parts about opening a business is spending lots of money on marketing techniques that may or may not work.  Marketing techniques are never a sure thing.  One method might work really well for one company, and not at all for another.  Ultimately it is up to the company to determine what will work best for them, and they can do so by analyzing the market they are trying to reach out to, as well as the community they are located in.  There are a few marketing techniques that have been around for a while, though, and they continue to show success in one way or another.  Here are some marketing options that all companies should consider.  Continue reading “Marketing Strategies that Always Work” »

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Business Marketing with Twitter Hashtags

Social media is perhaps one of the best ways to market thanks to its popularity.  Companies of all types are turning to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to advertise their products for several reasons, but mainly because it is a free and easy way to reach millions of consumers.  Hashtags are a new social media sensation that companies should be aware of because it links consumers to companies easier than ever before.  Here are a few other reasons why companies should become part of the social media sensation. Continue reading “Business Marketing with Twitter Hashtags” »

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Successful Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be one of the most successful forms of marketing if done correctly.  There is a fine line between successful affiliate marketing and untrustworthy affiliate marketing, and consumers and companies are still unsure about the concept because the line is so fine.  If you are looking to use affiliate marketing or become an affiliate marketer, here are a few tips to help you become successful.   Continue reading “Successful Affiliate Marketing” »

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How marketing is like ice dancing in the Olympics

With the Olympics finally drawing to a close, America has been successfully inundated in all kinds of marketing images, from Coke’s iconic polar bears to Visa’s inspiring photos with Morgan Freeman voiceover, to P&G’s feel-good “Thanks, Mom” commercials.

Olympics-SEO500x255Effective marketing strategies aren’t creating on a whim or whipped up over night, anymore than a person can pick up Olympic level slalom skiing over the weekend. Continue reading “How marketing is like ice dancing in the Olympics” »

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Exploring how social marketing techniques will change in 2014

If you’re thinking about revamping the way you approach marketing this year and you haven’t yet established a significant presence on social media, it may be time to do so.

According to Holly Berkley, author of The Social Media Advantage: An Essential handbook for Small Business, this year “the social Web will have more impact than search-engine ranking.” Continue reading “Exploring how social marketing techniques will change in 2014” »

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Pair content with distribution for best marketing results

We spend a lot of time encouraging the creation of quality content, but that’s not all that’s required to produce results.

You could write the most beautiful articles on the most perfectly laid out blog in the world, but if no one sees it, your time and money has been wasted. Thus, a critical component to effectively utilize content is distribution. Continue reading “Pair content with distribution for best marketing results” »

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Keys to content marketing: stop being perfect

You would think that the best way to get your site up on Google to get more customers would be to have the most perfectly well-written work out there.

The truth is that your customers want real people, not robots. When it comes to content marketing, perfection may be letting your stuff slide here and there. Continue reading “Keys to content marketing: stop being perfect” »

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