3 MORE reasons why mobile marketing is the future of advertising

The reasons to have a mobile-friendly interface are numerous, which is why we couldn’t let it stop at the three benefits we enumerated last time.

Previously, we talked about how huge the mobile market is getting, the local nature of mobile searches, and the quick conversions mobile marketing tend to have. But there are many more reasons marketers shouldn’t ignore the smartphone and tablet market. Here are 3 more of those reasons. Continue reading “3 MORE reasons why mobile marketing is the future of advertising” »

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More people using mobile ads: target advertising

If you knew exactly how to perfectly advertise to each person in the world, you could be making a lot of money.

Every person would get hooked by your individual advertising methods, leading to a lot of business. For a long time, this idea seemed impossible, but with new technology coming out every day, it seems closer than ever. Continue reading “More people using mobile ads: target advertising” »

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