Phone calls: the new marketing currency

The success of any business depends on its ability to gain new customers. There are many different ways to go about this. Mobile technology has changed the marketing game. Today, mobile is the single most important way for businesses to find customers. That’s because nearly everyone has a mobile device, and nearly everyone is using them so search for local businesses every day.

In the past, the currency of mobile marketing has been clicks. It’s the way that marketers track which marketing efforts are working and which ones aren’t. It’s the measurement marketers use when paying affiliates for generating leads. Today however, there is a new currency is mobile marketing: phone calls. Continue reading “Phone calls: the new marketing currency” »

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4 pitfalls of mobile marketing

It seems like news feeds are always full of mobile marketing campaigns going viral. Scrolling through a social media site, you might easily see one or two videos with over a million views or a photo thread with thousands of comments. So why does it seem so easy for others while your mobile marketing limps along, barely making back what you’ve invested in it?

Likely, it’s because you’ve fallen into one of the top pitfalls of mobile marketing. And the reason all the content you see seems to have so many views is because you don’t run across the ones no one is talking about. It doesn’t mean there aren’t more mobile marketing campaigns out there, they’re probably just defunct. Like yours. Continue reading “4 pitfalls of mobile marketing” »

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3 marketing terms all marketers should forget about

In the fast-changing marketplace that is marketing, vocabulary and terminology come in and out of style as fast as fashion styles.

Savvy marketers stay on top of these terms, knowing when new ones are coming to the fore, and which ones have already been left in the dust of technological advancement. After all, YOLO (you only live once). Continue reading “3 marketing terms all marketers should forget about” »

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3 MORE reasons why mobile marketing is the future of advertising

The reasons to have a mobile-friendly interface are numerous, which is why we couldn’t let it stop at the three benefits we enumerated last time.

Previously, we talked about how huge the mobile market is getting, the local nature of mobile searches, and the quick conversions mobile marketing tend to have. But there are many more reasons marketers shouldn’t ignore the smartphone and tablet market. Here are 3 more of those reasons. Continue reading “3 MORE reasons why mobile marketing is the future of advertising” »

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3 reasons why mobile marketing is the future of advertising

When it comes to mobile marketing, it’s better to be late to the game than never arrive.

Having a mobile presence will be greatly in your favor, considering how the preponderance of the market now has a mobile device of some kind they use to surf the web, check their email, utilize social media, etc. If your website is mobile-friendly, mobile visitors will be more likely to remain on your site, should they come across it on their phone or tablet. Continue reading “3 reasons why mobile marketing is the future of advertising” »

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How to get and keep loyal, online customers

It’s one things to get people to visit your website, it’s quite another to convince them to purchase your goods.

And even if they’ve purchased products from you once, that doesn’t make them long-lasting or loyal. This complicated process of gaining and keeping online customers was recently boiled down to three steps by Court Cunningham, CEO of Yodle, an online marketing company. Continue reading “How to get and keep loyal, online customers” »

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Mobile marketing case study database now accessible to the public

Marketing managers need no longer comb bookstore shelves or endless web pages looking for the most up-to-date information about mobile marketing.

As one of his first actions as Chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association Global Board of Directors, Dunkin Brands’ President John Costello has announced the launch of “the first-ever comprehensive database of mobile marketing case studies.” Continue reading “Mobile marketing case study database now accessible to the public” »

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Survey results point to effectiveness of online marketing (Part 1)

Small business owners know what it’s like to live on the edge—they do it every day, especially when their business is first starting out.


They can’t afford to make mistakes, which means every penny spent on employees, products, manufacturing, and marketing must be accounted for. To this end, investing in a data analytics system isn’t a luxury, it’s a requirement. The only way you can make sure every cent is put to its best use is by tailoring their spending according to where the analytics tell them their clientele is coming from. Continue reading “Survey results point to effectiveness of online marketing (Part 1)” »

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Marketing with mobile

Because it seems like everyone has a smartphone, and all of your customers will be making purchases through their phone, you will need to make sure your company is optimized for mobile marketing.

Marketing is already a tricky business, but you may be underestimating the power of mobile. And that can be a power for good or for bad depending on whether or not your website has been optimized. Continue reading “Marketing with mobile” »

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Top 10 Reasons Pay Per Call Marketing Is The Future of Online Marketing

In 2012, Pay Per Call Marketing had just started getting traction in the marketing world, but according to current research, 2013 is destined to be the year of Pay Per Call Marketing. The online marketing world has been ready for a change and Pay Per Call Marketing stepped in to fill the demand. Recent online trends are not just greatly benefiting PPCM, they are also benefiting anyone who is trying to make money with PPCM.

Continue reading “Top 10 Reasons Pay Per Call Marketing Is The Future of Online Marketing” »

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