How To Get New, Loyal Customers

Every business has to spend time thinking about getting new customers. Where would your business be without new customers to replace those who you lose or new ones to expand your business? That is why it is so important for you to know how to gain new customers, and not just how to get them, but how to keep them loyal to your business or brand. Loyal customers will make a huge difference to how well your business does. Here are a few recommendations, thanks to Business News Daily, for getting and keeping your customers. Continue reading “How To Get New, Loyal Customers” »

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How to use social media to create customers

Contrary to popular belief, advertising isn’t just about creating brand awareness, though that is one step of the process.


Actually, advertising’s goal is to create customers, or so says Daniel Newman, digital marketing contributor to Forbes Magazine.

In a recent article, he explained, “With the proliferation of digital marketing, social media, and the hyper-aware consumer . . . the role of marketing has evolved. . . . Having said that, the growth of new channels hasn’t changed the fact that marketers are supposed to be creating customers, but what it has done is make many of our marketing efforts more measurable.” Continue reading “How to use social media to create customers” »

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Advertising to new customers, despite the shutdown

Times are uncertain, and the threat of default in America makes them even more uncertain.

Every business will be threatened by the lack of negotiation in the government. If the economy does drop significantly as many have promised, it could mean a small business struggles quite a bit to find new customers and sell more product. So, what can you do? Continue reading “Advertising to new customers, despite the shutdown” »

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