Marketing For Dummies In a Nutshell

Companies who haven’t put a lot of thought into their marketing may find it surprising just how complicated creating an effective advertising campaign can be. It’s a lot more than creating a website and then sitting on your hands waiting for visitors to appear. And yet, Allison Turner, CEO and cofounder of Business Consultants of South Florida, said this seems to be exactly what business owners seem to think.

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Marketing automation yields increased lead conversion

Some marketing professionals still believe that marketing is a one way street: from the company to the consumer. And the nature of many traditional marketing campaigns are such that there isn’t much room for two-way communication. People can’t interact with a billboard or a television commercial. That’s where online marketing comes in. People can share YouTube videos, post pictures, write reviews, whether you’re addressing those desires or not. So it’s better if you can be there digitally, making sure whatever takeaway message they get from your product or service or website is a good one.

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