Five ways you can be fooled by click fraud

The success of any pay-per-click (PPC) campaign depends on the merchant’s ability to correctly attribute clicks to the right affiliate. With PPC, clicks are the currency. It’s how merchants track success and it’s how they pay affiliates who host links for them. Unfortunately, there are many ways that PPC campaigns can be fooled. Here’s a look at five types of click fraud that can negatively impact merchants: Continue reading “Five ways you can be fooled by click fraud” »

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Google or Facebook: The Great Advertising Debate

Marketers with limited budgets want to know: where can we invest a reasonable amount of money with a great ROI. Foremost on digital marketers’ minds is the question of which platform might yield more revenue: Google or Facebook? It’s a tough question to answer as there are many variables, including target audience demographic, budget size, ad quality, ad frequency, and product type. Both services have an enormous user base, but that doesn’t mean they’ll both return on your investment equally.

Continue reading “Google or Facebook: The Great Advertising Debate” »

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You can get involved in affiliate advertising

Affiliate advertising has given thousands of people a way to make money from home, but do you even know what it is?

It is an essential way for businesses to get clients. If you have a blog or website that does pretty well, you may want to consider doing it. You could make some extra cash. Continue reading “You can get involved in affiliate advertising” »

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