New company helping big brands market themselves via Pinterest

In case you haven’t heard, Pinterest is one of the newest and hottest social media sites on the web.

PinterestOriginally used primarily by women who traded interior design secrets and recipe ideas, it now has content for virtually everyone, from electronics to makeup and humor to photography, with a special focus on projects and crafts for DIYers (do-it-yourself). Each image on Pinterest links back to an article, web page, or blog post created by a third party. Continue reading “New company helping big brands market themselves via Pinterest” »

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The power of Pinterest advertising

You may be thinking to yourself that you either don’t know what Pinterest is or don’t understand how it could be used for advertising.

This social media site quickly went from barely noticeable to just as popular as Facebook for most women and many men. There are now over 70 million people using Pinterest, so it must be a good place to advertise, right? Continue reading “The power of Pinterest advertising” »

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