3 marketing terms all marketers should forget about

In the fast-changing marketplace that is marketing, vocabulary and terminology come in and out of style as fast as fashion styles.

Savvy marketers stay on top of these terms, knowing when new ones are coming to the fore, and which ones have already been left in the dust of technological advancement. After all, YOLO (you only live once). Continue reading “3 marketing terms all marketers should forget about” »

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The purpose of content marketing

Sometimes marketing teams lose sight of what the real goal of content marketing should be.

It’s an easy mistake, considering the time and money invested in generating quality content that is supposed to attract attention and build revenue. People want instant gratification for all that investment and so they look for a quick return. However, researchers recently released a study titled, “Content Marketing Tactics Planner 2014” which points to what the true purpose of content marketing should be. Continue reading “The purpose of content marketing” »

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SEO: Is it a trick or a treat?

Internet search engines and content marketing have come a long way from their humble beginnings.

trick-or-treatIn the early days, companies didn’t have a good way of preventing spammers and scammers from finagling your search results. It was easy to be trapped into visiting scamming sites for illegitimate businesses. That’s where the Google search engine algorithm came in. This algorithm helps prevent bogus companies from inundating your search results and puts relevant content right at the top of your feed. If there is an advertisement, it is highlighted in yellow with the word “ad” in small print so you know the site will try to sell you something. Continue reading “SEO: Is it a trick or a treat?” »

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How to create engaging marketing content

It’s not enough to create large quantities of content, it has to be quality content to engage your readers.

Content that doesn’t interest or incite readers to act is useless. But how do you know if your content works? Does it need to be funny, exciting, shocking, anecdotal? Or something else entirely? Does funny content convince customers to buy your product or do they just laugh and move on? There is a whole plethora of details to wade through. Continue reading “How to create engaging marketing content” »

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