7 Tips For Improving Social Media Marketing ROI

The aim of every good marketing director is to see those ROI numbers and  graphs constantly on an upward slope. Return on investment is what marketing is all about, though those effects aren’t always quantifiable. Jayson DeMers, an online marketing writer for Forbes Magazine, recognized that sometimes it seems like you’ve done all you can and those numbers just stagnate. Marketers want to come up with fresh, interesting new ideas, but to do so on a consistent basis is tough. That’s why Demers came up with a list of ways to maximize ROI for social media.

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Google or Facebook: The Great Advertising Debate

Marketers with limited budgets want to know: where can we invest a reasonable amount of money with a great ROI. Foremost on digital marketers’ minds is the question of which platform might yield more revenue: Google or Facebook? It’s a tough question to answer as there are many variables, including target audience demographic, budget size, ad quality, ad frequency, and product type. Both services have an enormous user base, but that doesn’t mean they’ll both return on your investment equally.

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Solving 2014’s top digital marketing challenges

If your business does any digital marketing, you know today’s climate is competitive.


People use a number of metaphors and similes to describe how inundated people are with marketing and advertising, but my personal favorite is the image of someone standing beneath a waterfall. Now imagine your brand as a single drop in that waterfall. Here are some reasons why content marketing is just so difficult. Continue reading “Solving 2014’s top digital marketing challenges” »

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The purpose of content marketing

Sometimes marketing teams lose sight of what the real goal of content marketing should be.

It’s an easy mistake, considering the time and money invested in generating quality content that is supposed to attract attention and build revenue. People want instant gratification for all that investment and so they look for a quick return. However, researchers recently released a study titled, “Content Marketing Tactics Planner 2014” which points to what the true purpose of content marketing should be. Continue reading “The purpose of content marketing” »

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