Are new social media platforms killing the SEO Star?

People wonder if SEO is really all it’s cracked up to be. After all, it isn’t a magic formula you plug into your website and then sit back to watch the views pour in. It takes a lot of consistency, time, and effort, and the results are slow to trickle in. Shouldn’t there be an easier way to gain traction online? writer Gene Marks said, “Search Engine Optimization has always been difficult for most businesses, particular smaller ones. . . . Just about every client I know is trying to find the silver bullet of search: the secret way to get your company listed on the first page of Google without paying for it.”

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SEO: Is it a trick or a treat?

Internet search engines and content marketing have come a long way from their humble beginnings.

trick-or-treatIn the early days, companies didn’t have a good way of preventing spammers and scammers from finagling your search results. It was easy to be trapped into visiting scamming sites for illegitimate businesses. That’s where the Google search engine algorithm came in. This algorithm helps prevent bogus companies from inundating your search results and puts relevant content right at the top of your feed. If there is an advertisement, it is highlighted in yellow with the word “ad” in small print so you know the site will try to sell you something. Continue reading “SEO: Is it a trick or a treat?” »

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Top SEO trends of 2014

Every company with an online presence knows SEO is what drives traffic to their site, but it’s hard to know how to do it effectively.

To make matters more difficult the Google Search Engine is constantly changing the way it ranks websites so there is a lot of guesswork that goes into the equation. Bar Gibby is VP of SEO for Utah Firm Boostability and he has a passion for coming up with ways to help marketers improve their SEO strategies. He also suggested a few trends marketers should be aware of in 2014. Continue reading “Top SEO trends of 2014” »

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