Google or Facebook: The Great Advertising Debate

Marketers with limited budgets want to know: where can we invest a reasonable amount of money with a great ROI. Foremost on digital marketers’ minds is the question of which platform might yield more revenue: Google or Facebook? It’s a tough question to answer as there are many variables, including target audience demographic, budget size, ad quality, ad frequency, and product type. Both services have an enormous user base, but that doesn’t mean they’ll both return on your investment equally.

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Experian research group identifies types of shoppers and how to market to them

No two shoppers were ever created equally.

Some people love shopping—they set their clocks by when the next advertisements are released and they enjoy the thrill of finding new products they haven’t tried before. Then there are the polar opposites—those who get in, find their product (never changing brands no matter what the price), and leave, breathing a sigh of relief as they slide into the driver’s seat. The difficulty for stores is knowing how to market their goods and services to these very different personality types. Continue reading “Experian research group identifies types of shoppers and how to market to them” »

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