Start Marketing Now For The Slow Season

Most companies have to deal with a slow season at some point during the year. This varies a lot based on the type of product or services you offer, but almost every has to deal with a shopping slump in January and February. Though as a consumer, this may be the best time to get a good deal, most businesses are working through the first few months brainstorming ways to bring in more business again. But what if you started marketing now for the slow season instead of waiting until it hits? Continue reading “Start Marketing Now For The Slow Season” »

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Most important marketing trends to follow

Pretend you are out on the town for the night. You go to eat. You go dancing. You head to a bar. What do you see?

Sure, you will see a lot of people, but what will those people have? Cell phones. And not just any old phone they can use to make calls, but smart phones they can use to constantly stay connected. A phone without internet access is practically unheard of. As a small business, you should be focusing your efforts on the internet. All of your customers will be online, and more than likely, they will be viewing your site from their phones. Now, how can you get them to find you? Continue reading “Most important marketing trends to follow” »

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