Improving web page load times boosts revenue (Part 2)

Previously, we talked about the serious detriment slow web page load times can have on your revenue and the efficacy of your online marketing.

Factors that can influence its speed include the number and size of images you have on your site, the quality of your site design, and the speed of your server. People used to put up with a 4 second delay when waiting for a web page to load, but these days they only allow 2 seconds, which puts a lot of pressure on you and your web designer. Luckily, there are several ways you can go about fixing slow load times. Continue reading “Improving web page load times boosts revenue (Part 2)” »

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Improving web page load times boosts revenue (Part 1)

Web page load time can have a big impact on user behavior and traffic flow to your site.

Not only can slow load times lower your Google algorithm ranking, it can lose you the customers you already have because they don’t have time in their busy schedules for your grocery cart page to load. However, visitors also expect high quality websites with easy navigation, intuitive flow from one page to the next, and a quick checkout process. In order for your site to handle this kind of complexity, you’ll need higher end servers and lots of bandwidth. Walking the balance between having good website performance and catering to all your visitors’ needs can be very tricky. Continue reading “Improving web page load times boosts revenue (Part 1)” »

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