3 Major mistakes you can make with your website

Companies know they need to have an online presence in order to be successful these days, but they often go about the business half-heartedly.

After all, some businesses just don’t do a lot of business online, why should they work very hard on their websites? The thing is, whether you intend for customers to find you that way or not, online is how most people get their information and your website may be their first interaction with your brand. If your website isn’t up to snuff, you’ll lose customers before you even have them. Continue reading “3 Major mistakes you can make with your website” »

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Website load time affects revenue generation

There’s nothing more frustrating to internet users than a slow-loading webpage.

That’s why it’s important that in addition to having a sophisticated layout, easy navigation, and an intuitive website-load-timescheckout process on your website, you have a server with quick load times. Today’s culture values the instant gratification mentality and the longer people have to wait, the more likely it is that they’ll click away before your company’s website loads. Continue reading “Website load time affects revenue generation” »

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Optimize SEO with website development for best conversion rates

SEO can do a lot of things. It can contribute to your Google search ranking by improving how the algorithm rates you.

It can drive traffic to your site when people share and re-share the articles. It can inform consumers’ optimizare-seopurchasing decisions. It gives you content to post to your social media sites. Consistent, high quality content will also win you loyal followers who check back to read more. However, it should not be considered a solution to all your sales problems. An effective marketing strategy employs both SEO and online marketing techniques. In reality, it does the best at generating leads and will require further incentive and influence from other marketing factors to encourage repeat purchases. Continue reading “Optimize SEO with website development for best conversion rates” »

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