How to Make Viral Marketing Campaigns

For most of history, to describe something as “viral” was to call it contagious, toxic, and at all costs to be avoided. While there are still talks of “viral outbreaks” these days, it isn’t always referring to the newest influenza. Sometimes, it’s actually describing the hottest, most popular content on the internet. From the celebrity group photo at the Academy Awards to pictures of Prince George on his first birthday, viral content spreads like wildfire, for good or for evil. If you can create a marketing campaign that goes viral, there are no bounds to the number of customers you might touch.

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Missing out on affiliate marketing

Every business is different, which means marketing strategies will vary.

Some businesses will focus on personal communications while others should focus on keeping away from customers. No matter what your business is, you probably have an audience that has specific needs. Make sure your marketing meets those needs. One thing you might be missing in your current marketing strategy is affiliate marketing. Continue reading “Missing out on affiliate marketing” »

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Marketing by word of mouth

As a small business, you may be looking for ways to market the product.

You could buy ad space on a billboard or settle for Google ads. You could hand out a coupon or sponsor a sports team. There are plenty of ways to advertise, but the real way you get more business is by word of mouth. According to CNN Money, word of mouth works because people want to be referred by someone they know and trust. How do you get word of mouth going though? Continue reading “Marketing by word of mouth” »

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