The task of finding an effective CMO

Chief Marketing Officers, also known as CMOs, have their work cut out for them these days.

VentureBeat, a blog ranked highly by The New York Times for its “unparalleled insight into the most relevant emerging technologies, trends, companies, and the business opportunities that they create,” listed a few of the expected capacities a CMO should be able to fill. Those roles include tech entrepreneur, SEO master, A/B testing expert, and  experienced traffic analyst. The best marketing directors realize that these days, online marketing isn’t just about catching a customer’s eye, it’s about learning their visitors’ habits and preferences and getting “outside the building” to figure out how to give that to them. 

A new CMO will often look into company re-branding, which could include sprucing up the company logo, changing the color scheme, or reorganizing the website’s infrastructure. According to VentureBeat, “The new marketers . . . start with applications like Bislr, Salesforce, and Google analytics and focus on reading their visitors’ digital signs and habits first.” Being an effective CMO means having the humility to realize your way of thinking won’t fit everyone. Instead of making a website look and feel how you’d prefer it, you must tailor it to the audience.

In fact, Bruno Aziza, VentureBeat contributor, said, “In my humble opinion, the best marketers are the ones that recognize that they are a poor representation of their audience.”

Another focus modern marketers have is on how to make their websites dynamic and intuitive without making them distracting or gimmicky. A website should be considered a place, literally an online store front, rather than a two dimensional page. Is it welcoming? Does it answer any questions a customer might have immediately? Is the flow of the website intuitive (easy to navigate through)?

Aziza said the best strategy for marketers looking to generate new business is not to provide a lot of white papers about the effectiveness of your product, rather, “Focus on your differentiated approach and prove it. . . . Prove it with your product. Prove it with resources that help your prospects solve their problems.”

One mark of an effective CMO is that they’re willing to try new things. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and CMOs who refuse to change with the times will be left behind. For instance, marketing directors might consider new ways of generating leads. Pay per call marketing is one such avenue proven to generate qualified leads through affiliate marketing. This form of delegation is another mark of a good CMO: they realize they need the help of others to make their plans successful.

Source: Venture Beat

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