Tips for implementing content marketing on any budget

Whether you’re a small business owner or head of a multi-national company, content marketing strategies are the same.

There are certain methods that will yield better results than others and all can be implemented no matter how small your budget is for marketing. All the money in the world can’t make content marketing effective if it isn’t creative, original, and helpful.

Follow the example of American Express

An example of good content marketing comes from a 2005 campaign by American Express, which realized a large number of its customers were small business owners. To cater to this audience, they started a site that functioned as an online magazine forum which brought readers and writers together to converse about problems and solutions for common business problems. There were no references to American Express in the articles, but visitors would be aware who sponsored the site. Today, over 1 million people visit the site each month, subconsciously being influenced by the perceived value offered by AmEx.

Find qualified writers

Though you may not have the funds of AmEx, you can still analyze your audience and creative good, high quality content that appeals to them. Yaniv Masjedi, the Vice President of marketing for Nextiva, said, “Once you zero-in on your demographic, research the top writers who serve that group. . . . Reach out to them and ask if they are interested in writing original articles for your site.”

Try affiliate marketing

If you don’t have a large budget for paying freelancers, you could look into affiliate marketing. Partner with bloggers who write about issues related to your business and provide them with incentives to link back to your site. One version of this is through pay per call marketing, a program that  pays affiliates for generating quality leads likely to lead to sales.

Set a consistent schedule

Once you have writers, come up with a frequency timetable that you can afford and that best serves your audience demographic. Consistency is key in order to get good rankings through the new Google algorithm, along with quality of content. Masjedi suggested, “Choose a few days each week to publish new articles and stick to that plan. Better yet, publish something new every day if you can. The more you put out there on a regular schedule, the more readers will rely on your site for information.”

Share your content

Don’t use your content marketing as another sales platform. That’s not the point. People will immediately sense they’re being “sold” and navigate away from your site. Instead, write about how-to ideas or share blog content you’ve found on other sites. Then don’t forget to share your content through your social media sites. How else will people find out about it?

Source: Huffington Post

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