Top 3 Reasons Small Businesses Prefer Pay Per Call Leads Part 2

According to recent studies, local mobile pay per call advertising has increased by 30X in the Q1 of 2012 compared to Q1 of 2011.

The increase has been consistent to Q1 of 2013 and is projected to increase for the next few years. Mobile devices are a natural ad model for any business who aims to capitalize on the ever expanding consumer mobile usage.

While large businesses composed the majority of pay per call ads in the past, small businesses have begun to overtake them. Small business pay per call marketing now represents more than 60% of the market. Here are the three major reasons why Pay Per Calls can be a godsend to small and medium sized businesses.

  1. Pay Per Call Value: The duration of calls are a great indicator of lead quality. The longer a call lasts, the more likely the person is to buy something. Recent studies show that pay per call duration has increased over 20% since Q1 of 2011. The same studies show that pay per call duration are the longest of any lead calls. Pay Per Call programs also offer better performance tracking. As a result, of the higher call quality and better data tracking, businesses are willing to pay higher rates for Pay Per Call Leads than they pay for other types of leads.

  2. Evaluation of Local Mobile Pay Per Call Success: Small businesses are no longer interested in buying high-volume, low cost leads. Small businesses are now looking for customized advertising programs that deliver high-quality leads, even if the volume is lower. Even with lower leads volume, small businesses are making more money with Pay Per Call leads then they have in the past.

  3. Specialized Categories for Pay Per Call Markets: Because Pay Per Call marketing can be highly specialized, small businesses can be assured that the people calling are the exact type of clients they are looking for. For instance, if you specialize in DUI/Bad Driving Records, you can request that only people who fall in these categories are connected to them. This type of specialization has also helped increase the value of Pay Per Call Leads. No matter what type of calls businesses are looking for, Pay Per Call Marketing can make sure the calls come through.


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